The novel Verdensfortællerne (The World Narrators) was published as a dead-wood book 6. May 2017. It has been received very well on the Danish market, which means a translation to English is very likely.
You can buy the Danish version directly from Science Fiction Cirklen’s website or from Arnold Busck.
Verdensfortællerne is also available as e-book at Saxo

The anthology Bevidsthedsterror was released as an e-book in October 2012.
It consist of 3 short stories Kend din målgruppe, Christians København og Det transparente samfund.
Kend din målgruppe was awarded at the Danish Press Association’s 100 Year’s anniversary for it’s (rather bleak) depiction of the future of Journalism.
Both Kend din målgruppe and Christians København have been published as part of Danish Science Fiction anthologies in dead-wood-books.
The stories are also released as individual e-books and can be read independently of each other.
The books can be bought at and Riidr.
“Kend din Målgruppe” was translated in 2010 and included as “Know Your Target Audience”in the very well received Danish sci-fi anthology Sky City.

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